Surname Location Reference Project

Latest Update: 6 February 2003

Postal Address: P. O. Box 31831
Cleveland, Ohio, 44131-0831

Director: Joseph J. Hornack
Telephone: WEEKENDS ONLY: (216) 524-3037
FAX: (216) 791-8268
eMail (messages):
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Background: "Our group, the Surname Location Reference Project, is compiling a database of immigrants from Slovakia and where their descendents can be located today in North America. Basically, the only information kept is the surname, location and county of roots in Slovakia, and name and address of the submitter. Each surname in the database is given its own reference number.

The idea is that individuals doing genealogical work on a particular surname or location in Slovakia can be put in touch with others working on the same surnames or locations. Our SLRP database is online here on the Slovak Institute Web Site:
More than 3,000 surnames and locations were recently published in print and the book is available for purchase through Joseph Hornack at the postal address listed above. Please let us know if you would like more information about our work or information on obtaining the book.

We are also looking for more submissions. If you are interested, please submit your chart either to me or to your county Associate Correspondent.